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Discussion on Industrial/organizational psychology

Discussion on Industrial/organizational psychology.

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

In this week’s journal you will be discussing an I/O related problem you (or someone you know) have experienced while at work. You will explain how I/O psychology related to the problem and how I/O psychology principles can be sued to solve the problem. Please address the following questions in your entry:

  1. Describe a problem you (or someone you know) have encountered at work and explain how I/O psychology relates to the problem.
  2. What division(s) of I/O psychology do you think the problem relates to? Is the problem related to:
    • I (poor hiring strategies, inadequate training)?
    • O (worker behavior issues, safety concerns)?
    • Both?
  3. How do you think an I/O psychologist would solve this particular workplace problem?

Discussion on Industrial/organizational psychology