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Discussion reply 2

Discussion reply 2.

I don’t know how to handle this Health & Medical question and need guidance.

Developing a Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

A philosophical statement communicates values and goals that are based on the vision of an organization. The role of the vision statement in facilitating organizational change has also been examined, with studies finding that companies whose vision statement focused on a desired future state were better prepared for change than those with a vision statement that did not focus on change (Kirkpatrick, 2017). As I continue to review the case study of Mountain View Health Center (MVHC), I believe the ultimate goal is to care for patients regardless of diversity or ability to pay. Developing strategies and systems through mission and visions will help to drive change, build and guide focus to promote an environment of health and healing. Your mission describes what you do for the world while your vision describes what the world looks like once you’ve done it (Engel, 2018).

Philosophy Statement

MVHC believes that every individual should have the right to adequate health care treatment, because their lives matter. We are dedicated to providing the best care utilizing some of the most respected health care professionals. When we give our best, it determines the outcome of every individual that has entrusted their life in our hands. We seek to promote the best care by fostering health and healing into an environment that continues to have hope in the service we provide.

The way will provide optimum care is by keeping our doors open for the community and providing a supportive environment for employees and patients. We will provide education in the community that provides preventive approaches and medicines to help lower the cost of hospital visits. By providing preventative care and approaches, this will empower the community to seek treatment early. Our goal is to promote safety, welfare, wellbeing, and to eradicate sickness. This is done through consistency and continuity of care to all individuals who are in need and suffering from illness.

The objective of the philosophy statement is to create a picture of forward movement in the organization that will improve the delivery of care provided. A well-written statement helps define the organization and its philosophy and can guide and motivate employees to ensure that business decisions reflect the overall purpose and strategy of the organization (Comstock, 2018).


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Discussion reply 2