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ECON 2GG3 assignment

ECON 2GG3 assignment.

I’m studying for my Excel class and need an explanation.

Requirement for all assignments:
A. The assignments can be written either alone or in a group (maximum fourstudents). If writing the assignments in a group, every group member’s full name and student ID number must be clearly printed on the first page of the assignments. You are free to choose your group member and are free to change group during the semester. If writing the assignments in a group, each group can only submit one copy of assignment.

  1. No late assignments are accepted.
  2. Pleaseclearlylabeltheaxes,curves,andequilibriumpointifthequestionasksyou to illustrate the answer in a graph. Marks will be deducted for unclear graph.

ECON 2GG3 assignment