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ENC3250 professional writing

ENC3250 professional writing.

I’m trying to study for my Accounting course and I need some help to understand this question.

I would like you to write one memo to your supervisor. In the scenario you must follow up on a task you had been assigned.

The second memo is to one of your subordinates. This memo is to document a directive you have made to him/her. Make sure that you are specific outlining the task, time line, and offer assistance if needed.

It’s fictional accounting firm

A personal letter would be to one of your subordinates who performed an exceptional task exceptionally well. This could be somewhat of a congratulatory letter.

Remember, many people, including the person to whom it was sent, will judge all of your writing in the professional arena. Incorrect grammar, syntax, word choice, level of formality, content, etc. may come back on you when you least expect it. Be very careful with your construction of each sentence. Sometimes you might be ridiculed behind your back, and sometimes you might use an incorrect choice of words that may be used against you, especially at evaluation (yours) time. All I can say is that you need to be very formal and very correct. The memos are usually a few short paragraphs, but they are high-powered forms of communication. The letters, while apparently informal, need to remain very formal, or there will be confusion as to the relationship between the sender and receiver.

ENC3250 professional writing