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ENG 302 Annotated Bibliography and reflective analysis

ENG 302 Annotated Bibliography and reflective analysis.

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1: The Annotated Bibliography.”

Then, list each of your five sources, and write a rhetorical précis, a four-sentence summary or “annotation,” for each that does the following:

Sentence 1: Name of author and title of work [publishing information, date, and page numbers in parentheses]; a rhetorically accurate verb (such as asserts, argues, suggests, contends, believes, reports, indicates, insists); and a “that” clause containing the thesis or main argument of the work.

Sentence 2: A brief but accurate explanation of how the author develops or supports the thesis, usually in the same order as was developed in the essay.

Sentence 3: A statement of the author’s apparent purpose, followed by an “in order to” phrase.

Sentence 4: An explanation of how this source is relevant to your research and why you chose it (i.e, Does it provide you with background info


Below your synthesis essay, under a heading that reads “Part 2: Reflective Analysis,” answer the following questions:

1. Describe your experience shifting from the “collection” mode of traditional college research to an inquiry, or questioned-based, approach. How did having a question to answer to guide your research affect how you conducted your search and how will this shape your research process in the future?

2. How did synthesizing the sources you included help you refine your research question and/or influence your choice of audience?

ENG 302 Annotated Bibliography and reflective analysis