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Entrepreneurship Biography

Entrepreneurship Biography.

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

You need to know 10x rule, the S curve, competitive advantage, opportunity spotting, etc, which from class.

I posted two samples of entrepreneurial biographies and posted class slides.

This is an opportunity for students to conduct research on an entrepreneur and write a profile of the success story of the person. This can be achieved by interview or archival research. In other words, you may choose to collect data on the entrepreneur’s path to success by personal interview or by secondary resources from library, magazine, Internet, television or movie.

This is a three to five-page assignment; format should follow font sized 12, double spaced and one-inch margin surround rules.

Students must include: Information on industry, competitors and market trend of the entrepreneur’s background and the context of their venture. Concepts from class (e.g. the 10x rule, the S curve, competitive advantage, opportunity spotting, etc.). Conclude the research report with your key learning from this person and the new venture. Did you think strategies implemented by this entrepreneur were effective or not? State your rationale.

Students will be graded on how well they integrate course content into the biography. Students must highlight each concept they use in yellow. If a concept is not highlighted, then the Students accept the risk that such concept will not be included in their grade.

ASSIGNMENT CAVEAT: The assignment MUST be a product of the student’s original work and effort and not previously or concurrently been written or presented as part of any other course taken at Brock or elsewhere. If it is not, then a grade of zero will be given (even retroactively) and it will be construed and recorded as academic misconduct in the student’s file.

All assignments must include footnotes and other relevant citations in the proper academic form.

Entrepreneurship Biography