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Essay #2 — EWRT2 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking

Essay #2 — EWRT2 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking.

I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Write an essay of at least 3 and 1/2 pages analyzing the current success (or not) of a specific movie or television series and how it reflects today’s culture. Consider genre, plot, character(s), point of view, setting, theme(s), conflict, background or history, target audience (age, gender, race, sexual preference), culture and/or social status, and what these reveal about our society today. You may incorporate personal experience/observation examples. Use your homework for assistance!

Thesis support needs to include any two essays from the chapters 3 and/ or 4 in your SL book plus three other sources; as a result, there will be a minimum six listings on your Works Cited page if you include the SL book as a separate reference. Follow the 2016 MLA format: see SL book “Conducting Research and Citing Sources” and/or Purdue OWL. Movie and television series can be listed in your Works Cited either by the movie/television italicized title or director’s name. Remember, each Work Cited entry must be mentioned in the content of your essay. Also, you will receive +2 bonus points for each additional Work Cited entry done correctly (six points max). Always tie back to your thesis statement and respond to every quote.

Previous HWs were the pre-work for the Essay#2. All are attached.

The SL ebook will be attached later.

Essay #2 — EWRT2 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking