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ET420 PLC, relay logic controller

ET420 PLC, relay logic controller.

I’m studying for my Engineering class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1.Explain the following in detail:

a.What is relay logic?

b.What is a ladder logic diagram?

c.What is the meaning of a rung in PLC?

2.Explain in detail how PLCs work.


4.Assume a thermocouple, which supplies the input to an analog input module, generates a linear voltage from 20 to 50 mV when the temperature changes from 750 to 1250°F. How much voltage will be generated when the temperature of the thermocouple is at 1000°F?

5.Create a 5 digit code using the SLC 500 rack/slot-based addressing format for each of the following:

a.A lamp connected to terminal 3 of module group 0 located on rack 2. (5 points)

b.A pushbutton connected to terminal 5 of module group 2 located on rack 1. (5 points)

ET420 PLC, relay logic controller