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Exam final

Exam final.

Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

Case #2: You are to write a complete marketing plan for…….a red brick. Start with Maslow (what need does this satisfy?), then segment the market, then write a complete marketing plan (4 p’s) for the brick. You will find that a brick has many potential uses so, it is important you focus on one or two uses which relate to your target segment. The red brick idea was first devised by John Ogilvy (head of ad agency Ogilvy and Mather) as a way of testing prospective employees and became so popular they even made a contest out of it (check out the links). So, get creative and have fun with it. Once again, don’t just give me the least to get by but, be as thorough as possible. What would your ad campaign look like? Would you utilize sales reps? What price would you ask and why? etc. etc.…

This exam is open book. Please feel free to utilize internet links, text references or any other resource in formulating your responses

Exam final