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Exercise 10.2: Best Practices in Action

Exercise 10.2: Best Practices in Action.

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Let’s not forget that best practices don’t end with keeping your organizational activities and approach inline with industry standards—they also implicate leadership and organizational approaches to ethics.

Ethics in Action

This Forbes article is a good reminder for you to take with you; and take note of the quotes—they tie right in with our look at historical philosophers.

And, here is Forbes’ take on the world’s most ethical companies!

Research and Analyze Activity

Adherence to best practices standards is a must in your industry activities. Awareness and compliance with these standards can impact on whether or not your music and brand stands out from the rest of the competition or gets lost in the shuffle in today’s over-saturated music marketplace.

For this activity, identify a company or industry leader (from the music industry or otherwise) that employs best practices, not in terms of revenue generation, market share or goals and objectives, but in terms of ethics awareness and compliance.

Please post your article and findings as to why you feel this organization or leader sets an important example with regard to ethics, and how you feel that this can inform others in modeling their approach to ethics.

Exercise 10.2: Best Practices in Action