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Fermented Foods!

Fermented Foods!.

I’m trying to learn for my Biology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

For this week’s discussion board, I would like us to explore the world of fermented foods. First, I’d like you to identify – what fermented foods or drink are part of your diet, and why? It could be as easy as, you just like them, or, maybe you eat them for health reasons. Early human cultures would ferment foods to preserve them, and make them more digestible.

Then, I would like you to investigate making your own fermented food or drink. I got you started in the Lesson 7 study guide with yogurt and sourdough starter – what other kinds of fermented food could you make? Can you give it a try? What would you need to get to do it? If you can set something up this week and try it, then share, even better. It could be as simple as putting a teaspoon of yogurt in some milk and seeing what you get after a day, it could be you showing us your home beer brewing operation (my dad has one). I’ve made kefir soda, kombucha, brewed root beer, tried to pickle daikon radish (that didn’t go well), made yogurt, and of course, sour dough bread. See what you can find to add to our collective knowledge of fermenting foods.

Remember, on discussion boards, you are graded on the detail and quality of your posts.

Fermented Foods!