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Film critique

Film critique.

I need help with a History question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


There are many wonderful feature films and documentaries that are relevant to the modern period of Western Civilization. The following list provides you with some suggestions


The Darkest Hour


Black Robe

The Battle for Algiers



Saving Private Ryan

The Pianist



Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Enemy at the Gate

Lawrence of Arabia

Amazing Grace

The King’s Speech

The Other Boleyn Girl

Red Tails

War Horse

Paths of Glory

Movie Critique: 1. What is the context of the film? What historical period and what historical figures are incorporated into the film? Summarize the plot of the film.

  1. How accurate is the film? What parts of the film are historically accurate and what is misrepresented?
  2. How does the film expand your awareness of the past? Did the film make an impact on you and did you find it engaging?

The critique should be two to three pages and should be typewritten.

Film critique