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final project and discussion

final project and discussion.

Need help with my Art & Design question – I’m studying for my class.


The best way we learn is by accessing information in multiple ways; creating art, or in this case- recreating art is a perfect example of deeper learning. By investigating into a smaller set of works (4), and creatively thinking of how you can recreate the works- you are accessing multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences. Years from now, I bet you will definitely remember when you had an assignment where you had to re-create artwork at home with every day items, sometimes even our families and pets!


For this Assignment, we will be revisiting the Getty Challenge! This is a two part assignment; part 1 is creating the images, writing the summary and uploading here; part 2 is posting some images onto the Discussion board.

Part 1: The Assignment

Requirements for your Assignment

(If you need a refresher on the Getty Challenge, refer back to Discussion 4.)

  • You must select 4 thematic chapters from the textbook and recreate 4 artworks in the Getty challenge style.

  • You may choose artworks from our text book OR from the Getty Museum. BUT- the artwork must fall under the required categories as noted above.

  • Replicate the image with yourself, your pets, family, or other household elements.

Your summary must use this template below:

    1. Your assignment should include your image and the image of the artwork that you are creating. Under that, provide a caption with: the original artwork title, medium (what it is made of), date, and artist.

    2. Provide a list of your materials,

    3. Discuss your process for each re-creation

    4. Discuss why you chose the theme.

    5. Discuss the reason why you chose those artworks.

    6. Upload the pdf document here- and post at least three works in final discussion for peer feedback.

Thematic Chapters (choose 4)

Art and Art Making

The Language of Art and Architecture


Deriving Meaning

Food and Shelter

Reproduction and Sexuality

Deities and Places of Worship

Mortality and Immortality

Power Politics and Glory

Social Protest/Affirmation

Mind and Body

Race, Gender, Clans, and Class

Nature, Knowledge and Technology

Entertainment and Visual Culture


Getty Challenge Resources (Links to an external site.)

Now that you have read the article, watch this video from PBS’s News Hour, to get more of an idea of what the challenge is about.

Part 2: Discussion post

Discussion post for the Final Getty Challenge assignment.

Before you post, make sure that you completed the 100 point Final Project; Getty Challenge Due May 26. Some of the work from that assignment is what you will be sharing here.

    1. Post at least three works in final discussion for peer feedback; images must be embedded so that students can easily see them.

    2. Provide the original artwork information. (Artist, date, medium, etc)

    3. A 2-3 paragraph summary of: (1) how you did it, (2) why you chose that theme, (3) why you chose those artworks.

Post and Replies due no later than Tuesday, May 26

Provide up to 2 replies to other students.

Please embed you images for other students to easily view.

final project and discussion