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Google slides presentation about heart disease (heart attacks)

Google slides presentation about heart disease (heart attacks).

I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: What role does Public Health play in addressing the challenges of creating healthy communities? How does Public Health address the issue of heart disease (specifically heart attacks) a specific San Diego community/region of the County of San Diego/ or State/Federal geographic area?

project description: This second part of the semester, we have developed a historical overview of Public Health. Through presentations, discussions and articles, we have gained an essential understanding of the role Public Health plays in our society as we face major challenges in dealing with disease and creating healthy communities. For your final Humanities project you will create a project that examines a particular aspect of Public Health you are interested in. Your project must answer our essential questions. The final projects will be presented in a virtual Presentation of Learning Format HTHMA at a scheduled time and date. A sign-up document will be posted on Google Classroom.


Conduct preliminary research on this topic following this format:

  1. Definition of topic/issue (also include definition of Public Health)
  2. Historical Context of how Public Health has addressed/is addressing this challenge
  3. Local efforts in San Diego/or specific community to address these issues
  4. What is important for people to understand about this topic/issue


I want this to be a google slides presentation and I need access to edit it.

(High school level)

Google slides presentation about heart disease (heart attacks)