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Hands-on Activity – Heart Rate

Hands-on Activity – Heart Rate.

Help me study for my Biology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


This assignment will assess your knowledge and understanding of Chapter 1 concepts, especially how scientists investigate life, using the scientific method. It also provides you an opportunity to practice with graphing techniques using Excel.


Part I: Read the Textbook

Please read Concept 1.3 in your text very carefully.

Part II: The Effects of Activity on Heart Rate

Now that you are more familiar with the scientific method, your new knowledge and skills will be put to use in a hands-on exercise.

In this exercise, you will be exploring the effect of different activity levels on your heart rate (heart rate is number of heart beats per minute). You will also be looking at the effect of activity on your classmates’ heart rates.

  • What have you observed in the past about the effect of physical activity on heart rate?
  • What kinds of questions do you come up with when you think about activity and heart rate?
  • Does everyone’s heart rate increase when they increase their physical activity?
  • What causes one person’s heart rate to go up a lot and another person’s not much at all?
  • Do women’s heart rates go up more than men’s heart rates or is the reverse true?
  • How does age affect the relationship between activity and heart rate?

Please do the following

  1. Measure your heart rate per minute while you are at rest. You will do this four times and calculate your average heart rate per minute.
  2. Measure your heart rate per minute after this activity: you will step quickly up and down a stair step or a street curb for 30 seconds. You will do this activity four times and calculate your average heart rate per minute after each round of the activity.
  3. Submit the following data by clicking the Next button below or follow the link to Survey – Class Heart Rate Data, by the end of the first week of Module 1. You can only access the survey once so please make sure to write down your data before you open the survey.
    Last Name________________
    Gender (M/F)_____________
    Your average resting heart rate (beats per minute)_________________
    Your average heart rate after activity (beats per minute)____________
  4. After everyone has submitted their data, your instructor will post the result as an announcement.
  5. Review the result. Using your own data and the class’s data, answer the questions in “Module 1 Hands-on Activity: Heart Rate [.docx] (链接到外部网站。)”. After you fill in the answers, please save the Word document as “Mod1-Activity-Your Initials.docx or .doc”, for example, Mod1-Activity-JS.docx. Question #7 requires you to draw a graph in Excel. You will need these instructions for making a graph for the assignment submission, Excel-2010-Instructions-Graphing.docx. (链接到外部网站。)Make sure to save your graph as “Mod1-Activity-Graph-Your Initials.xlsx”, for example, Mod1-Activity-JS.xlsx.


You are required to submit the following files for this assignment by clicking the Submit Assignment button above. Please note Canvas only allows you to attach one file at a time. Make sure all of the following required files have been attached before you submit the assignment.

  • Your answers saved as Mod1-Activity-Your Initials.docx or .doc
  • The graph saved as Mod1-Activity-Graph-Your Initials.xlsx

Hands-on Activity – Heart Rate