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Have Smartphones been a positive or negative contribution to the Workplace?

Have Smartphones been a positive or negative contribution to the Workplace?.

I’m stuck on a Film question and need an explanation.

Have Smartphones been a positive or negative contribution to the Workplace? We know that this kind of technological integration is never really good OR bad (it’s not really that simple), it’s usually both (as the article notes). People have different experiences of technology broadly, and the Smartphone specifically. This is generally framed by people’s sociodemographics – gender, ethnicity, age, ableism, geography, and so forth. However, you are asked to take a clear standpoint answering the research question in your submission – positive OR negative? Convince your reader. The format of this submission is persuasive, in that you are convincing the reader of your opinion and supporting it with facts. You will have an introduction, body of discussion, and conclusion. In this submission, you need to restate the assignment research question above because it frames your response – your thesis statement and argument. (In this instance it is not considered a direct quote – you are required to restate it so that your intro/submission makes sense). Your submission must include (this is also the Grading Rubric): Introduction -provides context and the question that’s being answered -properly cites Alton’s (2017) article -provides the research question and answers it, providing opinion/thesis that will be argued -sets up the discussion of opinion/thesis & three supporting points -The intro is specific and not broad Discussion section -discusses three points in support of your opinion/response to question -each point is supported by a reading or outside source (three different sources/one per point) -the following two assigned M2 readings must be included (cited properly) in your discussion/as support of your opinion/thesis: Bautista, J. R., Rosenthal, S., Lin, T. T., & Theng, Y. L. (2018). Predictors and outcomes of nurses’ use of smartphones for work purposes. Computers in Human Behavior, 84, 360-374. Pink, S., Hjorth, L., Horst, H., Nettheim, J. & Bell, G. (2018). Digital work and play: Mobile technologies and new ways of feeling at home. European Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 21(1), 26–38. -Additionally, you must provide one outside academic source that supports your opinion in the discussion. Academic means it is peer reviewed – so go with a journal article. Conclusion -offers a recap of the research questions, argument and supporting points -provides some compelling final thoughts for the reader Other -clear writing style with careful attention to grammar, punctuation and paragraph structure -an argument that is compelling and convincing and supported -sources are cited properly in APA format -a reference list formatted in APA that includes Alton’s (2017) media article, the two M2 assigned readings, and your outside source. Important Notes: • The tone of this submission will depend on the student. You can either write in persuasive or opinion writing (which is emotion based), or argumentative writing, in which you are proving a point with evidence (which is logic based). It is up to you – but in your mind, you should know your intended audience, and keep the tone consistent throughout. • You are required to stay within the minimum and maximum word count, or you will be penalized one mark. In-text citations are included in the word count. Reference list is not included in the word count. APA format does not include titles, page numbers, or running headers in the word count. • Double space your submission. No need for title pages, or running header this assignment, but you can include if you like. Your pages should be numbered. • A reminder that resources have been provided to you regarding APA citing & referencing style, paraphrasing, how to write critically, how to write a paper.. Properly cite and reference any readings that you use in APA format. Submissions that do not cite and reference material properly will not be accepted and will result in a zero. This means, if nothing is cited in your submission and/or there is no reference list – it will not be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are meeting university standards for academic writing, regardless of what your home department is. • Please pay attention to your writing style: grammar and punctuation matter. Have someone proofread your work. Your submission must have an introduction, body/discussion, and conclusion (as noted). It should not be one paragraph. • You can absolutely use more sources/evidence after the minimum has been met. • Alton’s (2017) needs to be included and cited in the introduction because it is the context of the assignment. This means you have at least four sources cited in your Reference List. • Your submission must include a Reference List (it is not called Works Cited or Bibliography) formatted in APA that includes a list of material you cited. Remember that Reference List entries are alphabetized. • Do not use any direct quotes in your module submission. You will be penalized one mark if you use ANY direct quotes. Paraphrase and cite properly. The instructions note that you can restate the question in the assignment without penalty. Paraphrasing is a skill you learn. • TAs cannot pre-read assignments before they are submitted. Please ask your TA specific questions about the assignment if you have them. Email is the best way to contact your TA rather than the Sakai Chat room. • Please name your M2R file properly with course number, first name, last name, and assignment name. For example: COMM2F00FirstLastNameM2R.doc

Have Smartphones been a positive or negative contribution to the Workplace?