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help with discussion question

help with discussion question.

I’m trying to learn for my Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

provide answer under the question. be clear and concise, answer the question completely

This is a Conditional forum, your initial response is due by 10 pm PST on Thursday

Title: Cheaters (Never?) Prosper

In chapter 13 Ariely spoke about cheating and how when given the opportunity to cheat the participants in his study did not seem to be as influenced by the risk of being caught as one may think. He also observed that if given the opportunity people would cheat.

Thinking back on last weeks reading about resource diversion how are Ariely’s study and resource diversion related? Are there any other fails studied during the course of the semester that may be related to this study? How can cheating and similar actions be stopped before causing a failure within an organization?

Title: Pension Woes

How does the public sector pension crisis relate generally to Dorner’s discussion about accurately accounting for the development of policy situations over time? Compare public sector decision-makers blase’ attitude towards pension funding with financial sector decision-makers continued faith in mortgage-backed securities as the housing bubble inflated. Why is “discounting the future” so easy and what can be done to have decision-makers take realistic projections into account when making decisions with long-term implications?

help with discussion question