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How to Formulate Research Questions

Research QuestionsWhen it comes to conducting research, formulating research questions is one of the most critical steps. Without good research questions, your study can be directionless and less effective. In this post, at Term paper writers help, we will provide some tips on formulating research questions that are both relevant and meaningful. Stay tuned!

What Are Research Questions?

A research question is a precise inquiry that the study is intended to answer. It lies at the center of quantitative research and helps you define a course for the study process in an organized manner.

A research question is generally the first step in any research project. In a nutshell, it is the core issue of your study which sets the tone for your efforts.

A research question is generally focused on the research, determines the approach and hypothesis, and directs all study phases, analysis, and reporting. You may obtain essential data for your study if you ask the correct research questions.

Importance of Research Questions

Research questions are requisite in every research or dissertation paper. The research question (s) significantly influences the research methods to be adopted and, therefore, the validity of the research. The research question is essential in research for various reasons that include:

  1. It plays a crucial role in the approval of the research project. The research question informs the Supervisory Committee on the feasibility of a research project. This committee is interested in understanding the link between research question(s) and expected results.
  2. Close to the above importance, research question (s) influences the decision of potential financiers. If it is well formulated and the answers it seeks to answer are relevant to the industry, the easier it is to secure relevant funding.
  3. The research question(s) determines the kind of research design adopted. This is regarding the methods and techniques to be utilized in data collection and analysis.

Features of a Good Research Question

A good research question is distinctive. This is evident in some features that are characteristic of such questions. These features include:

  1. It should be interesting. Research questions should be engaging in the sense that seeking their respective answers is fascinating for all the parties involved in the research, including the researcher, Supervisory Committee, peers, and the target audience.
  2. The research question should be feasible. In this, it should encompass numerous subjects that require investigation and research. It should also consider the availability of relevant technical expertise, time, and financial resources in its investigation. Notably, the research question should be manageable in scope.
  3. The research question should be relevant. This entails contributing to the body of existing scientific knowledge and future research.
  4. It should be novel. This looks at the originality of the research question. It should result in new knowledge that could refute, confirm, or extend previous knowledge or findings.

Approach when Formulating Research Questions

The process of formulating a research question is quite encompassing. It takes into consideration various factors and activities. These include:

  • Researching the area of interest should be the first step. This entails reading through educational materials relevant to your research study. Evaluate the contemporary arguments and counter-arguments regarding your study.
  • Find out the relevant research setting. In this, it is essential to find out whether it is possible to secure access to the place to conduct your research, more specifically, data collection.
  • Evaluate the time needed to conduct the research. A good research question should consider the time required to carry out the research and the available time for the researcher.
  • Narrowing down the research question is another crucial step. The researcher should reevaluate the research question to ensure it is within the proper scope.
  • The researcher should evaluate the requisite skills in investigating the research question (s).


With these Term paper writers help tips in mind, go forth and formulate some research questions that will help you answer your big question. The more specific, the better! If none of this was helpful for you, or if you don’t know where to start with coming up with a significant research project, give us a call or schedule an appointment online today. Also, at Term paper writers help we have professional writers ready to craft any paper from scratch – just let us know what kind of topic needs researching to get started right away! Have no fear when seeking out our service because all papers are 100% original, expertly researched, written by native English speakers whose credentials include degrees in various fields such as psychology and sociology.