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HST 1510 Whats in a name

HST 1510 Whats in a name.

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

“What’s In A Name?”

Over the course of this semester—whether it was a marker for themselves, their children, organizations or businesses—we saw the importance African Americans placed on names. Often, former slaves took on new names soon after gaining their freedom. The ones they chose for themselves and their children more often than not were tied to people, places, and things of personal significance.

In this last assignment, you will be historian and researcher….and it will be personal. For the final exam essay you are to research and write about YOUR name.

You’ll use oral and traditional research techniques. Talk to your parents and relatives. Use print, web, any appropriate resources to offer a historically based paper.

Below are a few points that may help guide you along. (You don’t have to address them in any particular order) You may add new points or subtract as you feel appropriate.

How did you get your name? Who chose it? How did they decide on it? What is the origin of your name, where does it come from, what does it mean? Does it have any personal or cultural connection to your family? How do you feel about your name? How has it shaped and/or defined you? Have your feelings about your name changed over the years, and if so, how? Do you connect to any historical figure because of your name? Do you wish you would have been named something else? Please share any and all other points of interest about your name. As a mini-historian, what are your thoughts on the significance of names?

Requirements: Please pay close attention. You will be downgraded if directions are not followed

600-750 wordsMLA StyleWord document

Double Space Arial or Times Roman font-12 point 1 inch margins


Close scrutiny will be given not only to the content of your paper, but its structure. Typos, grammatical and punctuation errors, and incomplete sentences will cause your paper to be downgraded. I highly encourage all to let another person review your work before submission. Use separate paragraphs. No papers with one long paragraph. Do not use headings/titles over individual paragraphs. Use transitions and topic sentences to move to new points of interest or emphasis. If your research results in using outside sources, make reference to the source within the body of your paper or cite with a footnote. Either is acceptable.

Attach/upload your Word document (Blackboard has problems converting other formats) to the Blackboard assignment page. Do not write in the “Write Submission” or Comments section.

This is a first person essay. Be creative. Have some fun with it, but remember to approach the assignment as you would any other, and that is with an eye towards excellence.

HST 1510 Whats in a name