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Human Sexuality Studying Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality Studying Human Sexuality.

I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

Book: Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America :Author William Yarber Barbara Sayad: Bryan Strong

No other sources. will try to upload chapter’s 1 & 2 in just a few

Provide a short summary of the reading taking key points and highlighting them

In addition answer the following questions:

1) What purpose is served in the depiction of sexuality in the media? How do different television programs (comedy, drama, commercials, reality shows, music videos, etc.) portray sexuality? Provide examples and explain for who the target audience is for each show. Analyze your favorite television program. How is sexuality portrayed?

2) Discuss the differences among gender, sexual orientation, and biological sex. Some individuals mistakenly believe that homosexuality is a form of gender confusion or that gay men or lesbians want to be the other sex. Some believe that gay men are “feminine” and lesbians “masculine,” mistakenly confusing gender and orientation issues. Explain these ideas.

3) Discuss the changing views on homosexuality, including the work of Ulrichs, Kertbeny, Hirschfeld, Ellis, Kinsey, Hooker, and Foucault. Contrast with Krafft-Ebing and Freud.

Human Sexuality Studying Human Sexuality