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I have a discussion and an exam

I have a discussion and an exam.

Need help with my Management question – I’m studying for my class.

Question 1:



You and Samantha have been friends since birth. No…since conception. Your mothers were friends. You were raised under the same set of moral code and have different taste in men and same taste in shoes. (Both beneficial things.)

Once, in high school, you shaved your head in an act of defiance and regretted it immediately. You called Sam, bawling like a drugged hyena. Samantha came to school the next day bald. She smiles as you pick up your jaw from the floor. “Time to go wig shopping,” she says.

She’s always had your back.

Now it’s your turn.

Samantha, now happily married to Joe, calls you up one day to say hello.

“How are you and Joe?” You ask. “Thanks again for his help watching the kids last week. Remember how I set you two up for your first date five years ago?”

“I’m fine. Also,” she says, dropping her voice. “I don’t know who to tell…but I need to tell somebody…um, I have a boyfriend.”

“You mean a husband,” you correct.

“No…I’m cheating on Joe.”

Your couch looks different all of a sudden as the blood leaves your brain.

“But you have a husband,” you repeat. “Samantha…”

She’s quiet.

“Who is it?” You finally ask.

Do you tell Joe about this? You love Joe. But do you love Samantha more?

And you are disappointed right now.

But it’s not your business.

At least, it’s not your place to be the messenger. Right?

“Who is it, Samantha?” You’re slightly irritated now. Of course, you can’t tell Joe. That’s between them.

Also, Joe owns a gun. You know he’s got anger issues. It’s possible he would pick it up in a fit of rage and kill the guy. But if you don’t tell, and he finds out, would he turn around and direct that anger on you for failing him as a friend?

Samantha finally tells you.

“I’m sleeping with your little brother.”

Now you have an ethical dilemma.

What do you do?

Question 2:

This is exam 3. I have attached this down below.

I have a discussion and an exam