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I need 550 words discussion assignment

I need 550 words discussion assignment.

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Write a 550words paper addressing the following questions:

  • Identify at least one sampling issues that would be particularly relevant at each level of public health pyramid. Which strategy could be used to minimize those problems?
  • Spreading the message: use any of the presentation methods above on the description of your program as conceptualized at this point. This should include information derived from assignment 1 and 2 that was completed and submitted in this course.

Note: the following should be included in your presentation title, target objective stated, description of target community, description of program/intervention sample size, proposed program description, health risk associated with not doing desired behavior, incidence rates/prevalence rates/trends in these rates (national level) for associated health risk, conditions and diseases. Mortality and morbidity rates of associated health risk, conditions and diseases, proven methods to minimize risk

I need 550 words discussion assignment