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I need an assignment done on building a JGR Fantasy team

I need an assignment done on building a JGR Fantasy team.

I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

I have included the attachment that you must use to complete this assignment, this attachment is a requirement. Below is a brief description of what the professor is looking for.

Imagine that you work at JGR. The CEO has tasked you with being the Team Leader for a committee that will plan a one-day summer team-building retreat. All JGR employees will be attending the event. The purpose of the retreat is to foster unity, trust and cohesion between the organization’s employees.

The event will start with a welcome/introduction, then everyone will break out into group team-building sessions. The whole team will reconvene for a company-wide lunch, followed by a keynote speech.

As the Team Leader for the event planning committee, your job is to choose 4 other JGR employees to be on your committee. You may choose from 10 pre-selected candidates.You can learn about your candidates by viewing this week’s Strayer Story and by reviewing their profiles below.

JGR’s Chief Operating Officer Coy Gibbs is taking the same challenge! Next week, once you’ve completed the assignment, we’ll feature a video of Coy revealing who he chose for his fantasy team and you can compare your results to his.

I need an assignment done on building a JGR Fantasy team