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I only need the project one

I only need the project one.

I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

Minor project 1 and minor project 2 are to prepare you for the final major project. Throughout the three projects, you are expected to use the same company of your choice – this company could be your own business, a friend’s business, a client’s business, the business/organization for which you work, or a public firm. In your write-up, you can use bullet points where it feels appropriate.

Please keep it in mind that the more effort you put in the minor projects, the easier it will be for your final project.

Format: For Minor Project 1, you’re expected to complete the following sections of the SAM:

Gen Info, Mission, Vision, Environment, Industry, Strat Grp Map, Porter, Competition, Market

This paper should be 5 pages single spaced with a minimum of 8 unique references

Also, the first project is 5 pages. The rest of the projects

I only need the project one