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Identifying and Treating Genetic Diseases

Identifying and Treating Genetic Diseases.

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Conduct research to learn more about human genetic diseases. Identify one that particularly interests you. Learn more about the disease and how it is being treated, as well as treatments under development. Compare and contrast the treatments you read about to identify one that you find particularly promising.

o Explore the Internet, especially websites that contain news and articles about genetic diseases and their treatment. This week’s Optional Resources suggest websites where you could start your search.

Part 2

a recommendation (at least two paragraphs long) for a promising treatment of the genetic disease you selected. I CHOSE HUNTINGTON‘S Disease The recommendation should include:

  • A brief description of the genetic disease and how it occurs
  • An explanation of the treatment you selected
  • Reasons why this treatment is particularly promising
  • References to at least two sources outside of the Required Resources
  • All references cited in APA format
  • Identifying and Treating Genetic Diseases