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Individual Paper

Individual Paper.

I need support with this Business question so I can learn better.

Student Team can choose one of the following ideas for their semester project:

CMR 495 Final Project Written Report Example.docx

Final Project Expectations.docx

1 Crisis management and business continuity
2 Supplier relationship management and its role in business
3 Developing a property market management system for business
4 Review of supply chain management in the construction industry
5 A comprehensive review on social enterprise and non-profit
6 A study of enterprise risk management and its role in sustainable growth
7 Women empowerment in microfinance
8 Designing risks assessment and decision making system in the business sector
9 Studing share prices based on interest rates
10 Analysis of bank profitability: comparing local and internations banks in the US
11 A review of the effects of free cash flow on a firm’s profitability
12 Designing total quality management system in business
13 Collaboration and stakeholders between enterprises
14 Strategic analysis of the hotel industry’s business practices in China
15 Services management in the restaurant sector in the US
16 Designing an effective franchising system
17 A look into the major challenges of legal aspects of business
18 Cross cultural management and its effects on productivity
19 Industrialization and globalization amoug Chinese businesses
20 International business and business law in the US: a comprehensive analysis
21 Student can choose a different topic not listed above. The course Instructor must approve this selection

Individual Paper