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Instructions are below with helpful uploads

Instructions are below with helpful uploads.

I don’t know how to handle this Marketing question and need guidance.

Promotion / Placement:

  1. Initial Steps: Buying a list, working with Jackson Madison County School District to promote to students

Measurement: Total # of Address, Total # of Pieces of Mail, Total # of Schools in Jackson,

  1. Initial Steps: Establish a regular content cadence, be more active on their channels,

Measurement: Total # of Fans, Total # of Comments on Posts, Total of Number of Posts, before and after metric measurement

  1. Initial Steps: Create a structure for a replacement board structure when Pat retires (She is the director of Ballet Arts)

Measurement: Do they have a board structure in place that they are in agreement on

***Overall on assignment/project: This is a marketing assignment. This is part of a marketing plan to revamp the Ballet Arts (here is their website):

The initial steps need to be broken down as how the Ballet Arts would do it. What are the steps they would take to Buying a list? What would be the steps to working with the Jackson Madison County School District located in Jackson, Tennessee? Who’s permission would they need to obtain and how? How would they be measured? This is the school district’s website:

with helpful information such as; how many schools there are, # of students and staff, etc.

This is the Ballet Arts Facebook page with helpful information such as; # of likes, fans, comments, etc. They may have an Instagram as well and that would be helpful.

Facebook page: Ballet Arts, Inc. of Jackson, TN

The director of Ballet Arts is stepping down/retiring soon and they are looking to fill her position. What would be the initial steps laid out to create a structure for a replacement board structure when Pat retires. What does that look like? How can this be measured?

Ballet Arts, Inc. of Jackson is a community youth ballet founded in 1972 by Pat Brown and Jackie Rawls. We work to bring the enjoyment and reward of dance to the citizens of West Tennessee. To this end, Ballet Arts administers and sponsors a dance company comprised primarily of students from the area. Our primary objective is to offer our community dance performances of super quality as we enrich the area’s musical, artistic, and educational services. Ballet Arts, a community youth dance company, is open to anyone regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.

***I have uploaded a sample marketing plan that could assist with this. I am also sending the uncompleted marketing plan that I am working on for the Ballet Arts.

Instructions are below with helpful uploads