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Integrating Faith and Learning.

Integrating Faith and Learning..

I’m trying to study for my Statistics course and I need some help to understand this question.

Integrating Faith and Learning. Reflect on the entire course content and think about the level of

knowledge and skill required to effectively conduct meaningful and accurate quantitative analysis. Reflect on the Keller book “Every Good Endeavor” and think about God’s plan for how we should handle challenging work, the problems we can face at work, and better ways to honor God with our work:

Develop and post a 600 word discussion:

  • Introduction
  • Discuss the work required to conduct meaningful and accurate quantitative analysis in a dissertation.
  • Discuss God’s perspective on that work to include how we should manage it and potential problems we might face.
  • Discusses better ways to honor God as we accomplish this work.
  • Conclusion

Integrating Faith and Learning.