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Internship report

Internship report.

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

(1) Report as specified in the syllabus

Integrative Reflection Report. This report is the final report you submit on the date listed on the schedule below. This report should be in 12-point Times New Roman font and be single spaced. The report will be divided into the five major sections. All sections must be completed to receive credit for the course. The sections are defined below:

I. Purpose. Describe the organization at which you interned.

Entire section: One or 2 paragraphs.

II. Project OR Learning Activities–Description and Accomplishments. Describe your Project OR your Learning Activities, your role in the organization/project; the activities you performed; the skills and knowledge you acquired. What value did you contribute to the organization?

Write a description (2-3 job duties) related to the project or learning activities that can be added to your resume.

Entire section: Typically 2-3 pages

III. Personal Reflection. In this section, you will reflect on your internship, Career Services/Career Management Center workshops you attended, in-class business panel experience, and the SkillSurvey report. Critically evaluate how they informed your career and personal/professional development. Specifically, your reflection must respond to the following questions:

1) What were your personal objectives when you started the internship? Did your internship meet your personal expectations? Discuss if and how your goals and expectations were met. If not, what steps did you take to achieve them?

2) What type of tasks did you discover that you enjoy or excel at completing? Which ones are less attractive or fulfilling?

3) What did you learn about planning and implementing a task? What specific resources did you utilize to improve the process? Based on your internship experience what specific planning and organizing skills did you develop or hope to develop?

4) What did you learn about leading and managing people, based on your interaction with your site supervisor and others in the organization? What specific leadership skills did you find to be important and how would you effectively develop these skills in yourself and others?

5) Did you engage in evaluating and monitoring your own performance? What mechanisms will you use in the future to evaluate and improve your performance?

6) Reflect on your own interaction as well as your observation of interactions within the organization. What did you learn about your interpersonal skills (communication; building networks; collaboration; resolving conflict), strengths and areas for improvement?

7) Based on your internship experience, what did you learn about workplace diversity? Was it present or lacking? If present or lacking what were the benefits and challenges?

8) List the career workshops you attended and outline how they helped you advance your career and managerial competencies.

9) Discuss two major takeaways from the in-class business panel about starting and/or advancing your career.

10) Discuss a key takeaway that you derived from the SkillSurvey feedback report, and discuss how you would incorporate this insight into your resume.

Entire section: Typically 5-6 pages

IV. Conclusion. Draw some general conclusions based on the internship, career workshops, and business panel experience. Specifically, comment on the following:

1) Overall value you gained from the key components of the class: internship; career workshops; and business panel.

2) Did this overall experience complement your classroom learning and knowledge?

Entire section: Typically 2 paragraphs

V. Elevator Pitch: Craft a 1-minute elevator pitch of your internship experience (approximately 200 words).

Appendices (properly labeled as letters (e.g., Appendix A, B, C, etc.) and referenced in your report in order of discussion, except Appendix A and B as defined below):

Appendix A: Project or Learning Activity Contract

Course Project or Learning Activity Contract (Copies of original submitted to


Appendix B: Proof of Completing Activities

Supporting material for first completed project activity or learning objective (Proof)

Supporting material for second completed project activity or learning objective


Supporting materials for third completed project activity or learning objective


Supporting material for fourth completed project activity or learning objective (Proof)

Supporting material for fifth completed project activity or learning objective


Appendix C: Supervisor’s Evaluation

  • Supervisor’s Evaluation on official company letterhead and signed by the supervisor
  • Supervisor and Peer Evaluations downloaded from SkillSurvey

(2) 500-word response to the following prompts:

(a) How did the public health pandemic affect your internship experience, the tasks and how they were completed?

(b) What unexpected strengths did you discover about yourself based upon your experience during this pandemic?

(c) What areas for personal development did you discover?

(3) Research and 2000-word reflection on your company’s and competitors’ response to COVID 19 and its impact on future operations.

  • Conduct archival research on your company and four other companies in the industry. Your research should include the companies’ websites, trade publications, and other sources. Make sure you provide an annotated bibliography and your research should include at least 10 sources. Provide descriptive information on each company (sales, number of employees, client base, geographical location etc.)
  • Provide a 2000-word reflection on your company’s and competitors’ response to COVID 19 and its impact on future operations. Make sure you address all of the the following:

(a) Provide descriptive information on each company (sales, number of employees, clients, geographical location etc.);

(b) Compare and contrast how each company is responding to COVID 19, the timeline of reactions, the leadership styles, messaging etc.;

(c) Compare and contrast the impact of the pandemic on each of the companies: on its future ability to survive; new opportunities; ways of operating;

(d) Complete listing of all sources used.

Internship report