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Intro in PC Database Management

Intro in PC Database Management.

I’m studying and need help with a Excel question to help me learn.

For Part 2 of the Chapter 1 Project, you will import an Excel file (Account.xlsx located in the “Student Data Files’ folder for this part of the assignment) and you will then work through the activity. You will then submit the completed PrattLast Associates database which you started working on during Week 1 (AC 1 – AC 56). The PrattLast Associates database should include 2 tables, 1 query, 1 form, and 1 report.

Note 1: Use the below steps instead of the steps in the book:

AC 28 Step 1: Click External Data on the ribbon to display the External Data tab.
AC 28 Step 2 bullet #1: Click the New Data Source dropdown button in the Import & Link group, click From File, and then click Excel to display the Get External Data – Excel Spreadsheet dialog box.

Note 2: Create a new record in the Account table. Use AC # DF484 and AM # 60 for the new record. Add fictitious information for the new record (Account Name, Street, etc.).
Note 3: Do not print the query as shown on page AC 38.
Note 4: Do not print the report as shown on page AC 47.
Note 5: Change the database properties. Change author to your ‘first and last name’ and change the title to ‘Chapter 1 Project – Part 2’. See page AC 47/48.

Intro in PC Database Management