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IS3310 Data Analytics Exercise 4: ANOVA using SAS & Excel.

IS3310 Data Analytics Exercise 4: ANOVA using SAS & Excel..

I’m trying to learn for my Excel class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Use SAS to analysis the data.

  • Our organization, Trucking Inc, has recently entered contract negotiations with three separate automotive distribution companies. We must sign an exclusive long-term deal to haul sedans from a port city to various destinations.The weight of the Sedans by the origin may influence the number of vehicles that we may haul per trip as well as the fuel required. Our research question is: “Is there a statistically significant difference in the weight of sedans based on their origin?” We will examine the data using a one-way ANOVA with an α of .05.Our statistical question is:
    • Null hypothesis – HO: µAsia = µEurope = µUSA
    • Alternative hypothesis – HA:Not all means are equal.
  • This paragraph describes where the data came from, the steps that you took to explore the data and if the data is appropriate for the model.Where is the data from?How did you filter the data?How many resulting records are there in total and by category (Table 1)?Are there enough records in each category and are they approximately the same number?Were there missing data points?Were there outliers?What did you do with any outliers and why (Figure 1)?Were there issues with normality (Skewness and kurtosis + visual analysis of Figure 1 and 2).Was the assumption of Homogeneity of Variance met (Note if the test is significant then the assumption is not met).Talking about assumption outlier’s skewness
  • This paragraph discusses the results.Were the model results significant (Use ANOVA Results if Homogeneity of Variance is met and Welches ANOVA if it is not.Report the f value and the p value from SAS and supply the ANOVA table from Excel as Table 2)? What was the R-Square and what does it imply?Which Origins were significantly different from each other (Table 3 Least Squares Means for effect Origin)?Examine the differences in the means do the significant differences seem like they are significant if you are hauling up to 12 cars per trip?The meaningful significant
  • What is your recommendation for the contract?Is further analysis needed?Creatively quantify the impact of your recommendation if your results are meaningful and significant (Number of cars change?Fuel efficiency change?).

Minimum tables are figures include the Summary Table,ANOVA from Excel, Least Squares Means For Effect Table from SAS, and Box Plots from SAS.

IS3310 Data Analytics Exercise 4: ANOVA using SAS & Excel.