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Itec 2080 wk 6

Itec 2080 wk 6.

I’m trying to study for my Javascript course and I need some help to understand this question.

Assignment: Share Your Travel Photos—User Data Validation

In this Application, you will use the web page created in the Unit 4 Project assignment and supplement it with JavaScript validation of data being submitted to the server for further processing. The page contains the web form with a variety of HTML controls, each accepting certain type of data. Indeed, you want a data submission to be complete and meaningful—otherwise what is the purpose to send missing or incorrect user’s data at all? This approach shifts validation tasks form usually busy server to the client. That results in less network traffic and produces quicker response to a user. Validity checking of form data is often performed on the server as well, but any errors that can be detected and corrected on the client might save server and network time substantially.

Making use of JavaScript DOM and events you will create data validation JavaScript codes which will be processing the page data prior to submission data to the server. Your final Unit 6 Project page should work in such a way that if missing or invalid data is detected, then no submission will occur, and a user will get a message with information what specific data is missing or incorrect, the control background color of the control being validated will be changed to yellow, and a user will be asked to reenter valid data and then attempt the submission again.

In this assignment, you will be creating a set of custom JavaScript functions, each validating a specific data input component on the web page. When the “Submit Query” button is clicked, each component validation function should be called, one after another. The message shown to a user when a validation function fails should be specific referencing the control which has not passed data validation. You are writing these validation functions yourself; the use of standard prebuilt JavaScript validator controls is not allowed.

Bonus: When finished with the custom validation of existing form controls implemented with your own code, you are welcome to explore a use of Regular Expressions to validate, e.g., an email address. Add one more textbox, E-mail to the form, and use Regular Expression to validate the user’s input is match an email format. Similarly, you can add and validate a phone number field (accept the USA local phone number format).

Perform the following steps:

  • Download the template files and unzip it.
  • In the unzipped project folder replace Unit6Project_template.html and Unit6Project_template.css with your own final Unit 4 Project solution files (you will need to adjust the references to .css files as now they will be located in the CSS folder).
  • Be sure that your Unit6Project_template page looks exactly as the final solution in the Unit 4 assignment:

Itec 2080 wk 6