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its extra credit religion

its extra credit religion.

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Third, you can earn extra credit. As I mentioned earlier in the semester, since we are not able to go to a Buddhist temple or interview a Buddhist leader, all extra credit assignments can be conducted using the movie analysis option. Remember, I do not want you to use Buddhist documentaries. The key to this is using creative analysis, demonstrating how you can recognize the Buddhist theme is popular movies. Some have asked it TV shows are ok. Yes, you can use TV shows, but to help you focus your analysis, I’d like you to limit this to one or two episodes rather than an entire season or series.

also this is from syllabus:

A third option would allow you to choose one movie and discuss how it relates to some of the major themes related to Buddhism raised in this class. Avoid using documentaries about Buddhism for this assignment. Those are too ‘on the nose’. Instead, I’d like you to demonstrate your creativity by noticing elements of Buddhism in ‘Hollywood’, or ‘Blockbuster’ movies. Be sure to support your thoughts with specific examples from both the movie as well as the Buddhist theme(s) you find it is related. This assignment should also be about 1000 words (4 pages).

its extra credit religion