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Journal Article Review on Supply Chain Risk Management Innovation Performance

Journal Article Review on Supply Chain Risk Management Innovation Performance.

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BUSI 613 Journal Article Review Instructions


MBA programs around the country are starting to require their students to become more effective writers. This is in response to industry’s urging for grad schools to improve the writing skills of graduate students. Writing at the MBA level should be informative, colorful, and nuanced, and the writing should include simple words vs. complicated (especially if used out of context). The first sentence in these assignments, and for any presentation in a business setting, should begin with; “the single most important issue here is…”

As you read the journal articles for this course, remember the context of the MBA degree. The MBA is a practitioner’s degree. The degree signifies that you can think, analyze, solve problems; and then communicate solutions to business executives effectively and efficiently. Your analysis of the discussion in the articles, their relationship to this course, and implications related to the each reading assignment will prepare you to communicate in this manner.

The Assignment:

In each assigned module/week, you will choose 1 journal article from those provided in the course and write a Journal Article Review of at least 900 words, not including the title page or reference page. For each Journal Article Review, you must discuss how the theoretical model or treatment described in the article compares to the information discussed in your textbook. No more than 20% of each Journal Article Review may be quotations. You must reference the original article and the course textbook.

Each Journal Article Review must include these sections:

  • Title page
  • Article caption at top of first page of text (current APA style) to identify the article
  • Statement of the author’s purpose
  • Application of supply chain management theory relevant to article
  • Background of the issue
  • Managerial implications (2–3 paragraphs)
  • Summary
  • References (Current APA style)


Levels of Achievement

Content 70%


Scholarly Research and Length

16 to 17 points

Obvious and intensive scholarly research with 900 words in total submitted

Author’s Purpose

12 to 13 points

Author’s purpose is clear and detailed with 100 words submitted

Background of the Issue

12 to 13 points

Background of the issue is discussed in strong detail with 175 words submitted

Application of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Theory

12 to 13 points

Strong application of SCM theory with 175 words submitted

Managerial Implications

18 to 20 points

350 or more words of direct advice to managers offered


11 to 12 points

100 or more words that concisely summarize article submitted

Structure 30%


Title Page, Immediate Article Identification, References page

18 to 20 points

Title and references pages complete and properly formatted, article reviewed is immediately identified

APA Formatting

10 points

Few to no APA errors present

Grammar and Spelling

7 points

Few to no spelling/grammatical errors present

Journal Article Review on Supply Chain Risk Management Innovation Performance