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JWI 550 Operations Management

JWI 550 Operations Management.

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**********************Detailed Agenda(s) for Kaizen or Work-Outs***************************

The second component of your Course Project is to construct a detailed agenda for such an event. The agenda must demonstrate how you will: get input from key stakeholders involved with the selected process; use the correct Lean tools, and conclude the event with actionable improvement outcomes.

************************Please note this assignment is Part B and you should refer to Part A which is attached.********************* Also Company to use is Broward County School Board from Part A************************

A few additional tips:

For the potential Kaizen events, think about whether there is an opportunity to:

  1. Improve the flow of a workstation through 5S
  2. Remove bottlenecks from the value stream by streamlining and reducing waste
  3. Understand the customer experience/journey with voice of the customer
  4. Mitigate the risk of process failures with process mapping and FMEA
  5. Address simple problems by conducting a root cause analysis
  6. etc.

Select one (1) Kaizen event, define the objective, and document the scope.

Develop a detailed agenda and be sure to include the following columns: Day/Times, Session topics, Lean tools, Deliverables/Outputs, and Rationale.

Lastly, explain your choice for number of days, sequence for session topics, and justify the Lean tools to be used and outputs from each session. Sessions and session times should be granular (no more than 2 hours each). Show how your Kaizen agenda supports the Kaizen objective and scope for the event. This discussion should be specific to your value stream and organization. Use specific process names, equipment, department names, etc. that’s typically used in your organization. Please note: There is no requirement to organize the agenda using DMAIC. A Kaizen is NOT a DMAIC project.

You are building off of what you completed for Part A – you are applying your OM knowledge.

*************************The Instructions are attached *******************

*************You must REFER to Part A which is attached****************

JWI 550 Operations Management