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Lamar University Group Counseling

Lamar University Group Counseling.

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

should be minimum full 10 pages of text, not counting the title and references pages

you must include all the headers below in your paper (4 subheadings for for part I, 5 subheadings for part II, and 5 subheadings for part III)

For your final written assignment you will prepare a proposal. This proposal will be approximately 10-12 pages. Please follow APA style (6th edition).

Part I: Background

  1. Determine the area/field or potential problem for your group:
  2. Conduct a literature review.
  3. Determine one of the specialization areas (e.g., task, psychoeducation, counseling or therapy). Align the specialization area with the potential problem, which will now be your topic.
  4. Specify the form and the content of at least six group sessions and an objective for each group meeting.

Part II: Group Logistics

  1. Describe the duration of your group with justification to cover the main topic and allow for change.
  2. Define the number of participants with a rationale for who to include and who to exclude. List criteria such as gender, cognitive ability, maturity, duration of issue, frequency of issue, intensity of issue, acceptance and/or completion of issue.
  3. Describe anticipated changes as a result of members’ participation.
  4. Identify potential obstacles in your topic area.
  5. Explain how you would address individual goals and goals of the group as a whole (e.g., coaching, role play, support for and opportunity to transfer learning to real life)?

Part III: Group Leadership, Theory, and Techniques

  1. Identify your theoretical orientation and any special considerations for the group.
  2. What are your personal leadership qualities? What are some of your weaknesses?
  3. Explain if this group will be facilitated only by you, or if you will use a co-leader and why.
  4. What are some strengths of the theory from which you will work and benefits for group members? What are some limitations?
  5. How might you evaluate the group at the closing? Will you have follow-up? Why or why not?


Be sure to cite sources in APA 6th edition (2010) style guidelines and include a reference list at the conclusion of your paper. You must use at least 5 scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles and one relevant website.

Lamar University Group Counseling