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Leadership in Historical context

Leadership in Historical context.

I’m studying and need help with a Marketing question to help me learn.

Below is a question from my subject textbook called “The Prince”.

“Re-read the introductory letter to “The Prince” and then read the last chapter. What do you think was Machiavelli’s primary purpose in writing this text? What did he hope to accomplish or prove? Does he accomplish his goal? Use specific quotations from the introduction, conclusion, or selected chapters to support your thesis”.

Here, from the question it says to read the ‘Introductory note’ on the first page and then read the last chapter which is this — “XXVI. An Exhortation to Liberate Italy from the Barbarians”. After reading these two sections you can answer the question. Machiavelli is the author of the textbook.

I am attaching the text book.

Leadership in Historical context