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Leadership Project Report

Leadership Project Report. Leadership Project Report.

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13 page

apa format

Cite all work referenced and include a reference page.

Examine a famous leader applying concepts and theories explored in this course.

Follow this outline

Part 1 Introduction

1) Open your essay with an introduction section describing the selected leader.
2) Summarize the leadership theory that you will be addressing.


  • Define leadership.
  • Explore and discuss the traits, behaviors, and relationships found in successful leaders.
  • Identify and discuss the six leadership theories.


  • Identify and discuss three specific leadership skills, three specific leadership behaviors and three specific leadership traits of this leader.
  • Examine and discuss the single leadership skill, leadership behavior and leadership trait that you think best explains the success of this leader.
  • Apply this leader’s approach or style to one of the six leadership theories discussed in this course.
  • Explain why this leadership style or approach has been successful for this leader and make logical arguments supporting your case.


  • Summarize the key findings in the Leadership Analysis
  • What critical take-aways would you like to incorporate into your leadership style?


As individuals prepare the project, please attend to the following additional guidelines:

  • Prepare your report in APA6 format.
  • Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 12-15 pages. (Page count does not include title page or reference list.)
  • Cite all work referenced and include a reference page.
  • Proofread the document carefully before submission

Select one of the following leaders.

Leadership Project Report

Leadership Project Report