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Legal Research 2 – ABC Widget Documents

Legal Research 2 – ABC Widget Documents.

I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

You are the new Human Resources Manager for ABC Widget Company. ABC is in need of a Cost Accountant. You have posted the position in the local newspaper as well as on In addition to a resume, ABC requires each applicant to complete an application. In addition, ABC would like to start requiring pre-employment drug screens and background checks of selected applicants. You decide that the background check should include a criminal records check as well as a credit check since the Cost Accountant will be responsible for a significant amount of funds. You decide to use a third party, a background check company, to conduct the background check.

You are alarmed when you look at ABC’s employment application; it contains numerous illegal questions. You realize you must correct the application before it is provided to applicants. Also, you must create an authorization form for applicants to sign so that you can initiate the background check as well as a written notice that a drug screen is required.

Your assignment is as follows: (1) There is an application for employment inside the folder that contains this assignment. It contains 41 numbered items. 14 of the items should not be asked on an employment application because they attempt to ascertain a person’s race, socio-economic status, age, physical characteristics, disabilities, religion, marrital or family status, or national origin. Some are obvious; some are not. Part one of your assignment is to upload a document that contains the numbered items you believe should not be asked. (2) Create and upload an authorization form for applicants to sign in order for you to initiate the background check through the third party company. The authorization should meet the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards. (3) Create and upload a written notice to applicants to inform them of your drug screen requirement. You do not have to write these documents from scratch; you simply have to customize what you find. There are government (and university) websites that have sample notices that you are encouraged to use. Be resourceful!ABC_Widget_Co._Application_for_Employmen.pdf

Legal Research 2 – ABC Widget Documents