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Lit Review

Lit Review.

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Begin to reconstruct your literature review utilizing a thematic format.

Thematic Review of Literature

After describing the five themes, there should be a synthesis of the

themes. In other words,

How does what was described contribute to the direction of research in the field?

Which of the themes appear to be most dominant?

What does it mean for your research?

How will your research contribute to any of the themes?

Is there a gap?

Now you should write the introduction to the chapter

Review of Literature—Dissertation Chapter II


Types of reviews

The process of review

Use of Mendeley

Use of Literature Categorization Table (Excel)

The narrative

Review of the rules

Handout: Literature Reviews

Source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Assignment Reminder:

Fifty annotated bibliographies due 2/11/20

(Electronic submission—Word format only)

Lit Review