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Literature review short.

Literature review short..

I don’t know how to handle this Literature question and need guidance.

1. Look back at your notes on The Empire Strikes Back; The Queer Nation Manifesto; and Dyke Manifesto. What did reading those manifestos make you realize? What did they make you think or feel? Use quotes from each to explain your response. (reading materials:, pdf trans manifesto accessible, lampls accessible)

2. Select one the manifesto’s listed above. Name and describe the voice, audience, and purpose of your selected manifesto. Use quotes from the text to justify your answer.

3. Using quotes any of the manifestos you read this week except for S.C.U.M., give an example where the manifesto demonstrates radical politics. Explain your answer. (reading materials: pdf refugees from amerika,, pdf women identified women)

Evaluation Parameters
All discussion posts should be completed with at least 500 words (not counting any quotations you include from the reading)

Literature review short.