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I’m working on a Economics question and need guidance to help me study.

Choose a topic about a recent Macroeconomics subject that is within the last 3 years. Don’t choose a topic from any economics textbook. Do not use generic topics such as unemployment, growth, inflation, etc. Choose a topic of an economic, political event that is related to Marcoeconomics. For example, trade wars, Corona virus, etc. If you are unsure your topic is related to Macroeconomics, you can email me and I will let you know.

Hint: Find articles written about the economy in the Daily Wallstreet Journal, The Economist, etc.


  • Title for Essay
  • Minimum 3 Pages on Macroeconomics topics: Introduction, Body, Conclusion
  • At the end of the essay please provide a paragraph with your opinion regarding the topic you chose
  • Reference Page

Extra Points: You can create a power point. You can also add tables or graphs to your essay. (Note: Graphs and tables need to be additional to the 3 page requirement)

Due Date: The due date for the 3 page paper is Saturday June 27th. Please send it to myTCC email.

Let me know if you have any questions.