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Major Employment Laws Activity (Human Resource Management)

Major Employment Laws Activity (Human Resource Management).

I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

So for this activity I did it for the most part if you can just make it more complete (change bullet points into sentences) and put it in APA Format, 12 inch font single space and 2 pages minimum. Below is the guidelines for the activity if needed and the work done so far is attached. So far its about 1 page. The summaries should be included. Please extend the work to 2 pages. The name of the book is below let me know if you need me to email you the PDF for it if you can’t find it online.

Robert N. Lussier – Human Resource Management_ Functions, Applications, and Skill Development-Sage Publications, Inc (2018)


Activity 1: Major employment laws

Identify any of the two employment laws discussed in the chapter. Locate and clip contemporary news coverage (last 2 years) on each of these laws. Summarize the purpose of each law and how it was applied in the news stories you located.

Learning objectives:

3-1 Describe the OUCH test and its four components and identify when it is useful in an organizational setting.

3-2 Identify the major equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and the groups of people that each law protects.

3-3 Briefly describe the EEOC’s functions, employee rights and employer responsibilities in conjunction with EEO laws.

3-6 Discuss the employer accommodations that are required to avoid unnecessary religious discrimination.

3-7 Discuss trends in HRM including the role of technology in diversity management and sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

*2 pages typed and single spaced*

*APA Format*

Major Employment Laws Activity (Human Resource Management)