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Make a substantive and thoughtful reply 70-130 words

Make a substantive and thoughtful reply 70-130 words.

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

I noticed the poem by Robert Francis to be unordinary and confusing. I could notice that it is about baseball sport because of the title, and after a few words like ‘batter’ and ‘throw.’ My imagination of the dramatic scene is that one of the fans is telling others about this pitcher method of play. Thus, this poem is majorly about a pitcher and his unique style of pitching and deceiving the batter. The latter makes use of the first line, “His art is eccentricity, his aim.” The word ‘art’ in this line and specifically in this scenario, pitching is an art done by the pitcher. The word eccentric refers to the fact that every good pitcher should deceive the batter, making it harder for him to hit. In this poem, the pitcher is imagined to be like an artist.

Additionally, the author uses the fourth line, ‘His technique to vary the avoidance’ to demonstrate the unique style or technique to deceive the batter and mislead the crowd. The latter writes the last line of the poem that says, ‘”making the batter understand too late,’ implying that the pitcher attempts to trick the batter until after the pitch. Generally, the pitcher is defined as a person who wants the batter understand but just a little too late. The poem by Francis uses imagery, irony, figures of speech, and diction to convey the subtle interaction between a batter and the pitcher in the baseball sport. All good pitchers desire to hit that moving edge. Their primary purpose is to make the batter swing a poor pitch or even not swing at all. In summary, the poem illustrates how pitcher’s pitches are an intentional deception


I agree with you that the poem could be advice to the reader to deal with their lives and the lives of others. In addition, it also makes a good contribution as you said, to the art of promoting the words required alone to be a good writer or speaker.

You have made a good point in what the writer needs, as he must be sympathetic in communicating the message in a way that the reader can view as a personal affiliation. The poem serves the various readers in their own ways, such as inspiration, intended for inclusion, and many other types of understanding.

I was impressed by the way you relate the poem to real life, and how the poem is understood by each reader. You have described the parts of the poem well and made it clear to the reader. Each of us has a different point of view and your outlook for this poem, and its written art was impressive.

Make a substantive and thoughtful reply 70-130 words