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Management of Information Systems

Management of Information Systems.

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Final Research Paper – Dashboard Design (General Manager Perspective)

MIS 6110 (Management of Information Systems, MIS) will cover various types of management-oriented Information Systems. The course will also describe how the structure of a MIS can be developed from a top-down or bottom-up perspective but whose aim is to improve decision making.

Decision making is based on understanding the flow from data to information to knowledge so that it will support improved Business Intelligence (BI) decisions. There are three basic sections of any BI structure. They are:

  • Data sources (databases);
  • The Database Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning (DBMS and ERP); and
  • The Dashboard display

The final research paper is for you to describe the high-level design and interfaces necessary to create a usable Dashboard to support General Manager (GM)-level business decisions.

First, the final research paper must identify the necessary internal and likely external databases that would be needed to support the Dashboard (from data silos, data marts, data warehouses, etc.).

Additionally, the paper must include critical Entity Relationships (ER) across databases to ensure high level of information accuracy.

Second, the paper must describe the DBMS and ERP relationships in high-level terms that support the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) functions necessary to deliver information and formats (e.g., charts, etc.) to the dashboard.

Lastly, the dashboard (shown graphically in addition to the appropriate narrative) must contain no less than three and no more than four pieces of information that a Department Store GM would need. The dashboard must be described sufficiently in terms of data visualization options (e.g., charts, texts, timelines). Layout of the dashboard must be specified.

(The graphic presented in Exhibit 3.6 (page 59 of the textbook) could be helpful in understanding this effort).

Final Research Paper Format

  1. Outline. Submission of a research paper outline is MANDATORY. This allows me to determine if you will be conducting your research and writing from the proper perspective. If, by an act of omission/commission, you decide not to submit an outline, you will be held responsible for complying with all the requirements of the research paper. The following sections below are not an exhaustive list of what those requirements might be.
  2. Cover Page. Must have the subject of the research Paper, your name, course number, and course name. Not included in the word count. This page helps me organize your submissions. File name should be “LAST NAME(s) – Research Paper Title – Course Title – Course # – Instructor – date.
  3. Abstract. Ensure you include a short (1/2 to 2/3 page) Abstract Page. An abstract is a concise summary of a larger project (a thesis, research report, etc.) that describes the content and scope of the project and identifies the project’s objective, its methodology, and its findings, conclusions, or intended results.
  4. Table of Contents/Figures. N/A
  5. Substance of the Assignment. Think critically. Do some research but DO NOT assemble a bunch of paragraphs from sources and expect that it will be acceptable. I want to know what YOU think. Word count does not include Title Page, Abstract, or references. The paper is expected to be between 10-12 pages.
  6. Organization of the Paper. Paragraphs have to support each other, with proper transition paragraph, especially between sections. Ensure readability and clarity by having somebody else read it AND be able to understand it.
  7. Mechanics of Writing. Use Times New Roman font, 12-point, double-spaced with one inch margins. Be sure to run your Word document through <Review>, then <Spelling & Grammar> check. Other tools include Turn-It-In and Grammarly; both will also provide a plagiarism check. Ensure your proofing language in MS-Word (or equivalent) is “English (US).” You are Graduate/College-level students and there is an expectation of Graduate/College-level writing. Use every tool at your disposal to achieve this. If you are having difficulty writing/citing properly, the Library has periodic workshops you can attend. Make the time for them.
  8. Evidence of Research. To get full credit, you must provide the required minimum peer-reviewed academic references correctly listed in APA format. All citations must also be in APA format.

Management of Information Systems