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Marketing MGMT, Individual report (Starbucks)

Marketing MGMT, Individual report (Starbucks).

I don’t understand this Marketing question and need help to study.

Your goal in this individual paper is to gather primary market information at a full Starbucks retail location. Do not visit a licensed store such as ones located inside a supermarket or target.Write up should be in single space. Do not exceed 1-page. Exhibits are not counted toward the 1-page limit.

A) Define the Value of Starbucks. You will learn about the value of the business, describe the design of Starbuck’s retail experience, and its overall product and service strategy. From a marketing perspective, identify Starbuck’s value offerings in capturing the marketing interests. What makes Starbucks so successful? What makes Starbucks so unique? For example, what is it about Starbucks that consumers are obsessed about? See textbook if you are not familiar about what defines as value for a product. After reading the background notes, it is important that you complete this section while at the store.

B) Identify Consumer Groups. Base on some quantitative counting (see below) while at the store, you will identify and sort the various types of consumer groups that frequent or infrequent Starbucks, breakdown the benefits that consumers “gain” or are seeking from Starbucks. The main idea is to understand the various type of consumer groups that particular store serves. Please note that this may differ greatly depending on the location you visit.

Spend about 2 hours at a Starbucks and report the following items:

Location of the store

Time of the visit

Number and type of patrons (e.g. describe the different types of consumers)

What did they buy? What was the most popular drink at that locations?

Number of drinks sold (take out vs in-store)

Number of other items sold (e.g. pastries, sandwiches, juices, etc.)

Number of sit-down

Number of to-go

Average ticket price

C) Recommendation to the CEO. Based on your understanding and observation, what recommendations would you give the new Starbucks CEO? What future directions would you suggest Starbucks pursue for the next decade? Your suggestion should demonstrate innovativeness and utilize out of the box thinking. Your idea should also not have been seen or used by marketers.

Provide these Required Exhibits:

Provide any statistics (e.g. counting) from the store

Provide a detailed SWOT analysis based on the store you visited

Number and label your pictures from store observation

References formatted using APA format (if any)

About this report, I just went to the Starbucks by myself. The location will be: 517E Foothill blvd, Pomona. CA91767. I stay there about 2 hours (Tuesday, 2:50PM-4:50PM).

For the number and type of patrons part: About 40 person came in this time. For sit down customers 27, and for to go, that will be 13. For drive thought. there were 15 cars. I believe that the most popular drink will be the ice-coffee, among the ice-coffee, the most popular one is caramel macchiato. For the items sold part, a lot of person bought classic coffee cake; chocolate brownie; iced- lemon loaf cake; bagel; mango and coconut yogurt bowl. For the average price of each person, that will be $7.

Write up should be in single space. Do not exceed 1-page. Exhibits are not counted toward the 1-page limit.

Marketing MGMT, Individual report (Starbucks)