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Media, Audience & Global Compassion

Media, Audience & Global Compassion.

I don’t know how to handle this Health & Medical question and need guidance.

  • Read the following article:
  • APA requirements for this activity:Each prompt (3-a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h) should have ONE in-text citation.A properly APA-formatted reference page should be on a separate page at the end of the document.Please refer to APA resources on d2l to guide your efforts.We are continuing to practice our APA writing skills.
  • As you are now learning how to identify key concepts in articles, please briefly discuss the ‘key concepts’ or ‘take home messages’ in the following prompts.It is acceptable to use bullet points and/or construct a table to succinctly convey your points.

a.Hoijer, B. (2004). The discourse of global compassion: The audience and media reporting of human suffering. (pdf on d2l)

a.Define compassion, NGOs and the intersections of the global compassion discourse.

b.How does television foster/portray/represent global compassion?

c.How does the media portray ‘the ideal victim’?

d.How does the media portray humanitarian organizations?

e.In the following table, identify key points regarding the Audience Reactions:extent of compassion, compassion as dependent upon visuals, compassion as dependent upon ideal victim images

Key Point regarding audience reactions

Your discussion

extent of compassion

compassion as dependent upon visuals

compassion as dependent upon ideal victim

f.In the following table, briefly define the forms of compassion (tender-hearted, blame-filled, shame-filled, powerlessness-filled)

Term to Define

Your paraphrased definition

tender-hearted compassion

blame-filled compassion

shame-filled compassion

powerlessness-filled compassion

g.How do we distance ourselves from compassion (distantiation from compassion)?

h.How does gender affect compassion (gendered compassion)?

Media, Audience & Global Compassion