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MEMO assignment

MEMO assignment.

I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

As an assistant to the president of Mercury Manufacturing, you have been asked to send a memo to all department managers informing them of a team building retreat to be held in Highlands, North Carolina on September 14-16. The retreat will include a challenging ropes course and bridge building exercise. In addition, there will be seminars each day concerned with product development, marketing, safety issues, and communication improvement. Recreational opportunities will also be provided. All expenses will be paid by Mercury, and all department managers are required to attend. Write a memo to these managers describing the purpose and goals of the retreat. You should also supply details about accommodations, transportation, activities, and appropriate clothing. Do not use the wording of the assignment; use your own wording. Try to anticipate any questions the managers might have and supply enough specificdetails to answer them. Be sure to mention the positive benefits of attending the retreat. Divide the memo into logical paragraph blocks to aid clarity. You may also want to use bullet points to organize your ideas. A ten sentence minimum is required for this assignment, but the sentences should be substantive, not simply filler. If you need more than ten sentences, include them, but the document should not exceed one page.

MEMO assignment