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MGT journal

MGT journal.

I’m trying to study for my Marketing course and I need some help to understand this question.

Post 1

Instructions for Your Country Selection:

Select three (3) countries that interest you and submit them to your professor. Your professor will give you an approval for one of the countries you selected. This will be “Your Country” – you’ll work on for the rest of the term.

Before you begin your Global Marketing Journal, you need an approval for the Country you selected. If you work on a country without my approval, you’ll be penalized.

Post your selections and I will let you know which one you’re approved to use for your Global Marketing Journal Project.

Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Fully illustrates and clearly explains the marketing concept
  • Fully illustrates and clearly connects marketing concept to product
  • Fully structures and clearly organizes post
  • Shows mastery in grammar / spelling (think 0 or 1 error)

Post 2
You are planning a trip for peers to “Your Country.” They want it to be a true representation of the people and culture there so it should involve various things unique to “Your Country”. Based on your research propose two options for each category. Your peers will review your proposed options and indicate their preferences. You will then create the final trip.

Use a table to present your options. The table should look something similar to the one below. Fill it in with very short description of each option – enough for someone to understand what you are proposing. It is probably easiest to complete your table in Word and then upload the Word document.

Also include information regarding a round-trip airplane ticket from Atlanta, Georgia to the capital of “Your Country”. This information should include the ticket price and the number of hours to get there for one of the shorter flights.

MGT journal