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Mitigation Plan

Mitigation Plan.

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In 2015, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported nearly 300,000 complaints of fraud, identity theft, cyber-bullying, harassment, and extortion, among others (Internet Crime Complaint Center, 2015). This is a startling number, especially considering that the IC3 only handles incidents from digital technology. The list of potential topics for mitigation is extensive.

This week, you will develop Part 1 of your Final Project: Mitigation Plan by selecting a topic for mitigation and find at least two scholarly articles related to your topic. You will determine a developmental age group and any relevant diversity factors.

To Prepare for this Final Project Part 1 Assignment:

Select a topic for mitigation. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):



oIdentify theft/Phishing

oDigital divide


oCyber victimization

oPhysical or developmental disability limitations

Identify the developmental age group that can be affected by the topic you chose

Identify any diversity factors (e.g., gender, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation) relevant to the topic and developmental age you will be discussing

Search the Internet and the Walden Library for at least two scholarly articles related to the topic you chose for mitigation

For this Final Project: Mitigation Plan, Part 1 Assignment:

Write a 1-page paper APA (in addition to the title page and reference page(s)) in which you:

Describe the topic you selected for mitigation and explain why you selected this topic

Define the problem relative to a particular developmental age group, culture, and/or gender and explain why you selected this this group and how the digital technology you chose relates to the problem

Explain briefly the developmental and psychological risks associated with failure to address the problem

Use your Learning Resources and the articles you found in your search to support your findings. Use proper APA format and citations.

Mitigation Plan